RCA 22-11F

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22-11F: Standard display, lighted, with a warning flag, 14V or 28V

The RCA22 Series of vacuum artificial horizon are controlled by air driven precision gyros to present the pilot with pitch and roll information. The attractive color scheme of blue sky and brown ground presents a realistic spherical display of flight. Unless otherwise indicated all instruments have a dark blue/brown display, fixed pointer and are unlighted. This is the "standard" display.

All RC Allen vacuum gyros run off of 4.5" Hg, erect time is 3 min. Instruments equipped with a warning flag will let you know when vacuum has dropped below 3.8" Hg. Flag retracts from view at 4.3" Hg. Instrument fits in a standard 3-1/8" panel cutout. 1/4"-18 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum hose installation. 1/8"-27 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum gage installation.

  • 3 Inch Vacuum driven horizon gyro indicator
  • Warning Flag
  • Lighted
  • Will operate from Venturi tube or aircraft vacuum system
  • Lightweight at 2.9 lbs
  • FAA TSO C4c
  • Specify panel tilt angle when ordering
VACUUM: Starting = 2" of Hg max; Operating = 4-6" Hg AIR CONSUMPTION: 1.2 cu. ft/min
ALTITUDE: Up to 40000 ft. DIMENSIONS: 3.375"H x 3.375"W x 4.70"L
BANK INDICATION: 360 degree unlimited PITCH INDICATOR: +- 85 degree minimum
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