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Sigtronics S-68 Headset

Comfort and great looks all in one package. 14k gold plated hardware and custom matt-finish high performance black earcups will set you apart from the crowd. And the all-new S-68 series headsets were designed to feel great - even on the longest of flights. At only 11.9 ounces of weight, flying is not only a lot more fun, but safer. Without nagging "Head-Clamp" pain, you can concentrate better. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Sigtronics difference.

Sigtronics headsets may be ordered with a large or small / child size headband.

  • Only 11.9 Ounces!
  • Reversible Perfect Flex Boom
  • 14K Gold Plated Hardware
  • Extra-Comfort Gel Seals
  • Full 5 Year warranty
  • Custom Headset Bag
  • 24db noise reduction
  • New crisper mic configuration

Style, Performance, and Comfort
The gold titanium Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated hardware and textured matte finish high performance black ear cups make the S-68 a great looking headset. The extra-comfort gel ear seals, gentle tension headband and light 11.9 ounce weight make the S-68 a comfortable headset, even on the longest flights.

Performance to Match
The S-68 equals its great looks with all the same high performance features of our S-58 series headsets — high noise eliminator mic, wide range adjust volume control, and a full 5 year warranty. A custom headset bag is included with all S-68 headsets.

Large Sized Headband
Large sized headbands may be ordered with any S-68 series headset.

Included with all S-68 series headsets are a lapel cable clip, microphone windscreen, ultra soft air foam pillow head pad, and custom headset bag.

S-68S Stereo Headset
True High-Fidelity Stereo. Sigtronics exclusive infinite baffle system delivers sound the way you want it. Our stereo speakers are specifically designed to deliver a wider frequency range than mono versions for better quality sound. Sigtronics stereo headsets also offer an integrated stereo/mono switch and dual volume controls for the ultimate in quality, comfort and sound reproduction for the discriminating pilot. Stereo headsets are also recommended for those with unequal hearing abilities in each ear.

S-68H Helicopter Headset
Our S-68H includes our noise canceling M-81H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174-U) plug.

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