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Sigtronics S-68H Headset

Comfort and great looks all in one package. 14k gold plated hardware and custom matt-finish high performance black earcups will set you apart from the crowd. And the all-new S-68 series headsets were designed to feel great - even on the longest of flights. At only 11.9 ounces of weight, flying is not only a lot more fun, but safer. Without nagging "Head-Clamp" pain, you can concentrate better. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Sigtronics difference.

Sigtronics headsets may be ordered with a large or small / child size headband.

The same comfort and dependability built into our fixed-wing version is available in a helicopter version. Our S-68H includes our noise canceling M-80 high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174-U) plug.

  • Only 11.9 Ounces!
  • Reversible Perfect Flex Boom
  • 14K Gold Plated Hardware
  • Extra-Comfort Gel Seals
  • Full 5 Year warranty
  • Custom Headset Bag
  • 24db noise reduction
  • New crisper mic configuration

Style, Performance, and Comfort
The gold titanium Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated hardware and textured matte finish high performance black ear cups make the S-68 a great looking headset. The extra-comfort gel ear seals, gentle tension headband and light 11.9 ounce weight make the S-68 a comfortable headset, even on the longest flights.

Performance to Match
The S-68 equals its great looks with all the same high performance features of our S-58 series headsets — high noise eliminator mic, wide range adjust volume control, and a full 5 year warranty. A custom headset bag is included with all S-68 headsets.

Large Sized Headband
Large sized headbands may be ordered with any S-68 series headset.

Included with all S-68 series headsets are a lapel cable clip, microphone windscreen, ultra soft air foam pillow head pad, and custom headset bag.

Our S-68H includes our noise canceling M-81H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174-U) plug.

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