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The new S-Tec GPSS interfaces with GPS and S-Tec autopilot systems to fly a complete, pre-programmed flight plan--hands off! As legs are anticipated, the GPS calculates the exact turn rate initiation point to fly the centerline from one leg to another based on aircraft ground speed. The GPSS then sends steering commands to the autopilot which then flies a precise curved path between the flight plan legs.

The GPSS interfaces with the composite roll steering commands output by GPS navigators to fly a complete, pre-programmed flight plan—hands off. If the GPS database includes instrument approach procedures, the flight plan can also include an approach to the destination airport. GPSS is available as a standard feature on the System Fifty-Five X autopilot, and is also available as an upgrade to any existing S-TEC autopilot.*

GPSS benefits:

  • Complete GPS Flight Tracking: Interfaces with GPS to fly pre-programmed flight plans hands-free.
  • Smooth Waypoint Transitions: Calculates turn initiation point to fly from centerline of current leg to centerline of new leg, enabling autopilot to fly a precisely-curved transition path between legs.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Eliminates need to set course arrow or heading bug at leg changes.
  • Enhanced Autopilot Functionality: Fully-interoperable with any existing S-TEC model autopilot.*

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