SunRay EVO III Landing/Recognition Light

Part No: 01-1150

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SunRay EVO III Landing/Recognition Light

SunRay™ EVO III LED is a newly optimized version of our long-trusted 
SunRay Plus landing light. Now with almost 4X the performance, this 
compact and versatile LED can be mounted virtually anywhere on 
the aircraft. SunRay EVO III comes standard with AeroLEDs’ signature 
Pulse (wigwag) functionality. The Pulse controller is fully integrated into 
the light and requires no external circuitry. This feature significantly 
increases recognition in daylight as well as night operations, aiding 
in collision avoidance and reduced bird strikes. In dual or quad light 
installations, while operating in wig-wag mode, this self-contained pulse 
function reduces load on the aircraft electrical system by 50%. 

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