SkyView Classic - Display Only w/ Synthetic Vision

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Option: SV-D700/A 7" Display (no harness)

The original next generation EFIS. Even without a touch screen, SkyView's intuitive controls and pilot-designed interface are designed to work in your cockpit. SkyView Classic and SkyView HDX displays use the same modules and accessories. SkyView Classic displays can only connect to other SkyView Classic displays in an aircraft.

Experimental and LSA pilots know that they have the most innovative GA aircraft flying. SkyView continues that tradition with the next generation of glass panels, offering redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else flying.

*Displays connect to other modules and accessories to perform different avionics functions. For example, primary flight instruments require a SV-ADAHRS-200, engine monitoring functions require a SV-EMS-220 and related sensors. VFR GPS navigator features require a GPS position source, such as the SV-GPS-250 or SV-GPS-2020. NO harness included with display.


SkyView Displays: Very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphics processors create highly visible and readable display. Even in direct sunlight!

SkyView Displays utilize TFT active matrix LCD screens and LED backlighting technology for increased life span, more uniform brightness, and reduced power consumption.

Buttons and Joysticks: The SkyView System is designed for ease of use while flying. The most used functions are accessed via two rotary/multi-direction Joysticks, for fast intuitive commands. Almost all other in flight commands, using the widely spaced buttons, are only two button presses away. None or more than three button presses.

Redundancy: If two displays are in the system, either one can act as the Primary Flight Display, Moving Map, and Engine Monitor. The unlikely loss of either display will not affect the functionality of the other.

System Battery Backup: A system backup battery will provide over an hour of backup power to a Display and Modules. Each Display requires its own Backup Battery for redundancy.

Connections: Each display contains:
1 - 37-Pin DIN Connector for the main wiring harness
2 - 9-Pin DIN Connector for the SkyView Networks
2 - USB Connectors
1 - Ethernet Connector, used to synchronize data between displays.

Connections: A main wiring harness is needed for each display (Sold Separately). It connects to the display via the D37 connector, with leads to connect to:

  • Primary power
  • USB Connector on a 3-foot lead
  • 5 serial ports, including one for GPS NMEA input
  • Audio output
  • 4 Discrete general purpose inputs
  • Panel dim input/output
  • Battery backup connector

7" Display

  • 7.636" Wide
  • 5.512" High
  • 2.14" Deep
  • High Resolution Screen

10" Display

  • 10.32" Wide
  • 7.064" High
  • 2.14" Deep
  • High Resolution Screen
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SkyView Classic - Display Only w/ Synthetic Vision


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