SV42 (standard output arm)

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SV42 (standard output arm)

(Includes SV42: 101008-000, Limiting Bracket Kit: 101025-000)

55 inch-pounds

COMPATIBILITY: The existing Dynon servos used with the D10/D100 Series are be compatible with the SkyView System. There are seven wire leads on each Servo; five of them are used with the D10/D100 Series. SkyView will use all seven wires, with the extra two wires used to add a second network connection for redundancy.

IMPORTANT - SERVO FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED: If you have a servo that was shipped prior to SkyView release (December 1st, 2009), then your servo needs to be upgraded to at least Version 5.2 firmware before they can be used with SkyView. If you have a D10/D100 EFIS, then you should upgrade your servos to 5.2 (or the latest available) before switching to a SkyView System. If you do not have access to a D10/D100 EFIS to perform the upgrade, then your servos will have to be returned to Dynon to be upgraded. If your servos were shipped with Version 5.2 or higher firmware, they will have a sticker that says "SkyView Ready".



FEATURES: Every Dynon autopilot can fly magnetic heading, GPS ground track, and horizontal NAV from any connected compatible radio* or GPS. In addition to being able to hold altitude, the autopilot can fly to a new altitude and level off once it arrives. Additional standard features include emergency 180-degree turn capability, control wheel steering, and standard trim sensing and annunciation on all servos used on the pitch axis. And because Dynon’s autopilot is built on its best-selling EFIS systems, it can respect bank angle, airspeed, and G limitations too.

  • * HDG, TRK, Horizontal NAV (GPS and Radio*)
  • * ALT hold and change
  • * Adjustable vertical speed while changing altitude (new for SkyView!)
  • * Control Wheel Steering
  • * ALT, TRK, HDG, VS pre-select
  • * Horizontal GPS Steering (ARINC-429)
  • * Vertical GPS steering
  • * Vertical NAV (radio or GPS)

CONNECTIONS: The seven Servo wires are for:

  • 4 - Sets of Twisted Wire SkyView Network Connection
  • 1 - Power connection
  • 1 - Ground connection
  • 1 - Quick Disconnect, to be connected to a switch on the control wheel or stick

SV-NET-SERVO: This kit helps wire the autopilot servos. It includes 20" of Tefzel wires: two pairs of twisted 22 gauge network wires, one 22 gauge quick disconnect wire, and two 20 gauge wires for power and ground. Also included are three D9 connectors (one male, two females), 18 pins, a pin insertion tool, shrink tubing, and tie wraps. One kit is required for each servo. A crimping tool is required (not sold by Dynon) to attach the pins to the wires.

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