tailBeacon ADS-B/WAAS GPS/Encoder Tail Position Light


tailBeacon ADS-B/WAAS GPS/Encoder Tail Position Light

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Manufacturer: uAvionix

TailBeacon is designed to be a direct replacement for the common navigation light or nav/strobe found on the tail of many aircraft,  and will meet the 2020 ADS-B requirements when paired with an operational Mode C or Mode S transponder.  TailBeacon is a Class B1S UAT transmitter and WAAS GPS integrated into a tail position light. This unit comes in experimental and TSO'd versions.

 TailBeacon has the form factor and installation characteristics of a traditional Grimes style rear position light,  referred to as a Grimes model S or A-2064. The tailBeacon will work with any Mode C and Mode S transponder.  Due to the unique design and technology of the tailBeacon, there is no need to run any new wiring to the transponder. Installation is fast and easy.


  •        Low cost ADS-B compliance for aircraft operating under 18,000 feet

  •        No airframe modifications or additional antennas are required.

  •        Works with any  Mode C or Mode S transponder.

  •        Transponder data is provided via the existing aircraft wiring system using the Power Transcoder.

  •        tailBeacon uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring.

  •        The installation requires 2 screws and reuses the existing power and ground to your current position light.

Input Voltage: 11-31v DC

Operating Power: 3 Watts

Size: 92x43x73 mm

Weight: 70 grams

SDA/SIL: 2/3

Operating Temp: -45 to 80°C

Color: Aviation White

Intensity: 40 candelas

Physical Wifi Configuration: 802.11 b/g/n

App Compatibility: iOS, Android

Decodes Mode A, C, and S via DC light


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  • Is it EASA certified?

    This unit is NOT EASA certified at this time. Link to the STC can be found below.

    Tailbeacon STC

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