UMA 2 1/4" Lighting Bezel

UMA - Light Rings

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Manufacturer: U.M.A. INSTRUMENTS

The UMA EL Light Bezel System replaces instrument post-lights, and is not just a supplemental lighting system. The system provides a uniform light around the dial of each instrument using a solid-state electro-luminescent element rather than a incandescent bulb. The bezels have a design life of 5,000 operating hours, which provides a low maintenance alternative to post lights. 

The system consists of a bezel or "wedge", DC to AC inverter, and a connector kit. The bezel fits over the instrument face, and is available in a variety of configurations to accommodate various adjusting knobs. The bezel mounts either between the instrument face and the panel, or between the panel and the overlay. The bezel is held in place by the instrument mounting screws. The DC to AC inverter provides power for as many as 12 bezels or about 25 sq. inches of lighting. To facilitate installation and maintenance a connector kit is supplied with each bezel. 

Bezels are available for 3 1/8" and 2 1/4" instruments. Colors are White, Aviation Green, and red, with white being the only FAA approved color. The PMA is based on a STC for Beechcraft King Air 90s. (Requires an AC Panel Inverter.)

Light rings fit 2 1/4"" instruments.


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