Universal Pitot Tube Cover

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Universal Pitot Tube Cover

This durable, weather-resistant orange and yellow reflective cover fits virtually any size pitot tube. It stands out in daylight or darkness under all weather conditions, so it can’t be missed.

Universal covers fit any length of tube from the smallest home built ¼” tubes to the largest 7/8” corporate jet probes. The versatile hook/loop Velcro strap with sewn-in rubberized trim allows the cover to be quickly and securely fastened to the pitot tube.

The Universal Pitot Tube Cover’s rubberized Velcro strap allow it to wrap and stick to just about any ‘tube style’ pitot, even through tornado force winds. Bright florescent lime green reflective and matching binding make it difficult to miss during your pre-flight.

Item #PSUPTC0707
Weight: 0.05 kg
The inside diameter of the cover is 7/8”. Guaranteed to work on any Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Diamond, Grumman or Mooney aircraft, as well as most Pipers and many light sport aircraft.
Reflective length 8.5″
Cover length 5.25″
Strap length 10.25″
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