Stratus ES ADS-B Out W/O GPS

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Appareo Stratus ES

The Stratus ES is a 1090 MHz extended squitter (ES) transponder. Designed with the common 1.65″ tall form factor, it’s an easy replacement for your existing transponder. Stratus ES is a solid state transmitter that provides 310 watts nominal power output. Its modern keypad makes entering a squawk code easy. The convenient VFR button minimizes pilot keystrokes.

The Stratus ES was built without GPS in order to provide affordable ADS-B Out to aircraft owners who have already invested in WAAS GPS. Stratus ES will make an aircraft rule-compliant when paired with any of the following navigators for 2020 compliance:

  • Garmin 430W, 530W, 650, 750
  • Avidyne IFD440, IFD540

    For GPS ADS-B In & Out with GPS visit our Stratus ESG Page

    Toll Free: 800.474.9714

    • 1090ES (Mode S extended squitter)
    • Meets global mandates for ADS-B Out
    • Push-button operation
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Pressure altitude monitor
    • Bezel Height: 1.69 in. (43 mm)
    • Bezel Width: 6.38 in. (162 mm)
    • Depth: 10.75 in. (273 mm) front of panel to connector backshell
    • Weight: 3.29 lbs. (1.49 kg) including rack and connectors
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C
    • Storage Temperature: -55°C to 85°C
    • Power Input: 9.0 to 36.0 VDC, 15 W typical
    • Cooling Input: No fan required
    • Environmental Compliance: DO-160G
    • Software Compliance: DO-178B Level C
    • Hardware Compliance: DO-254 Level C
    • Display: OLED
    • Transmitter Power: 310 W

    Approved Model List

    • Cessna
    • 172, 172A, 172B, 172C, 172D, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H, 172I, 172K, 172L, 172M, 172N, 172P, 172Q, 172R and 172S
    • Piper
    • PA-16, PA-16S
    • PA-25, PA-25-235, PA-25-260
    • PA-28R-180, PA-28R-200, PA-28R-201, PA-28R-201T, PA-28RT-201, PA-28RT-201T, PA-28S-160, PA-28S-180, PA-28R-180, PA-28R-200, PA-28R-201, PA-28R-201T, PA-28RT-201, PA-28RT-201T, PA-28S-160, PA-28S-180
    • PA-38-112
    • PA-30, PA-39, PA-40
    • Mooney
    • M20, M20A, M20B, M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F, M20G, M20J, M20K, M20L, M20M, M20R, M20S, M20TN, M20U, M20V
    • Cirrus
    • SR20, SR22, SR22T
    • Diamond
    • DA20-A1, DA20-C1
    • DA 40, DA 40 F, DA 40 NG
    • AeroSedan (Aeronca)
    • 15AC, S15AC

    Want to install Stratus ES/ESG, but don’t see your airplane on our STC list?Not to worry! Even while Appareo is building their STC AML, you’ll have no trouble getting Stratus ES/ESG installed in your Part 23 aircraft, based on their lead STC.

    The FAA created a policy to make it simple to use the lead STC to install ADS-B Out equipment on additional Part 23 air frames. (Part 23 includes most general aviation aircraft). This policy was designed to keep ADS-B installs moving smoothly and make things easier for your installer.

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