EDM-730 Engine Monitor

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Manufacturer: JP INSTRUMENTS

EDM-730 Engine Monitor

The Engine Data Management 730 system is the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. TSO’d for quality, the EDM 730 is not just another black box along for the ride. It is a Flight Engineer … a Maintenance Manager … a Backup Instrument. For the price, there is nothing that gets close to it. You can almost think of the EDM 730 as your personal flight engineer. It’s always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft.

EDM-730 Automated Monitoring

You can make an entire flight without ever pushing a button if you so choose. Yet your EDM will be monitoring your engine parameters three times a second and will warn you instantly if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit.


EDM-700 Engine Monitor Upgrade

Learn how you can upgrade an EDM-700 to an EDM-730 here.


    • EGT 4  probes
    • CHT 4  probes
    • Volts
    • Shock cooling
    • Span (highest to lowest EGT)
    • LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
    • Power connector
    • EGT/CHT Harness
    • EZTrends
    • Data recording-100 hrs. Download USB
    • 1 GB memory stick
    • Selectable Positions for Linear gauges
    • 3 year Warranty
    • Fits a standard 3.1" hole
    • Housing Off Center
    • Rotates 90 Degrees 4 Times
    • Fits the Standard JPI Harness
    • EDM-700/800 Upgradable


    Optional functions

    • Fuel Flow
    • Oil Temperature
    • Oil Pressure
    • OAT
    • TIT
    • CDT
    • IAT
    • CARB Temperature
    • RPM
    • MAP
    • %H

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