Garmin GNS 530A GPS/Nav/Comm (Pre-owned)

Part No: OH-011-00835-10

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The Garmin GNS-530A GPS/NAV/COM unit is a panel mounted self-contained comprehensive avionics system consisting of an IFR GPS, VHF communications transceiver, VOR, LOC, Glideslope and Color Moving Map. The GNS-530A's display is a 320 by 234 pixel color LCD. The GNS-530A includes two removable front-loaded data cards, one with a Jeppesen database and the second being a Terrain database. The GNS-530A is 4.60 inches high, 6.25 inches wide and weighs 7.00 pounds without connectors or rack. The GNS-530A is meant to receive its GPS signals from the GA-56 antenna. The GNS-530A also have variations within the model numbers that distinguishes the lighting voltage and color of the bezel.
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