4-Place Stereo Intercom w/ Pilot Isolate

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Manufacturer: PS ENGINEERING



The PM-3000 from PS Engineering is the most innovative stereo intercom on the market. It offers all the audio functions you need using the most advanced intercom technology available.

PM-3000 Highlights:

  • Three modes to streamline aircraft communication:
  • Pilot isolate (ISO)
  • Crew isolate (front seats separate from back, applies to 6 Place only) All
  • The innovative dual stereo entertainment inputs increase flexibility of the stereo intercom. One great function is the ability to play music just to the passengers so they won’t be disturbed by conversation in the cockpit
  • Even if your airplane is noisy, this stereo intercom still performs quietly due to the single squelch control knob for multiple squelch circuits
  • The PM-3000 Soft Mute circuitry will quickly reduce music volume when you receive transmission or speak over the intercom. As soon as you have completed transmission, the Soft Mute will gradually bring the volume of you music back to where it was
  • Automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft radio wires the pilot's headset to the aircraft radio in the event of disrupted power or related failure.
  • The pilot’s headset is secured to the aircraft radio in case of power disruption or failure
  • The stereo intercom has the ability to keep pilot and co-pilot transmit capabilities separate. When the PTT is in use, a red transmit indicator will illuminate and also serves as a “stuck-mic” alert
  • The PM-3000 has independent intercom volume controls that give you total control over communications by not interfering with volume levels of radio equipment

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